Precision mechanics

With ighly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer our customers high-precision mechanical parts.
Our organization and our machine park allow us to meet any kind of need in terms of specifications, quality, quantity and delivery time.

Cutting, Stamping

Economically advantageous, the stamping allows to realize all types of parts (vats, covers, facades, housings, bottoms ...) and can be an alternative to the techniques of production in foundry or welding.

Precision engineering
Cutting, stamping
Plastic injection
Laser cutting, electroerosion

Plastic injection

Plastic injection molding and additive manufacturing are particularly suitable for the production of pilot series and functional prototyping.
With accessible production facilities and fast turnaround times, you reduce design risk and reduce production costs.


In mechanics, the role of assemblies is decisive. If this step is neglected, the risks are real.
We have a method service and digital and computer tools to meet your needs.

Laser cutting, Electroerosion

Metal cutting by laser is an advanced technology of great precision by focusing a large amount of energy on a specific point. Operated under nitrogen, it avoids oxidation and calamine on stainless steel and aluminum.